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State Care Disgrace

Hi warriors for children!

This week we caught up with Erin who is an advocate for children in state care, to discuss the powerful satanic rings exploiting these children for rape and experimentation. The current health mandates continue to further break down the family unit and make children more vulnerable to abuse. We have seen this in recent reports of child sexual abuse and child rape material more than doubling during the last year.

State run trafficking is a multimillion dollar business. For every child in state care these corrupt systems receive 700K-1Million from federal tax payer funds. No wonder the workers are high fiving each other when another child is removed from their family unit. Yet children are 5 times more likely to be abused in out of home care, regardless of their situation at home. They are coming for our children #itstime for the people to rise up and protect our most vulnerable. Please share to raise awareness for our communities most vulnerable. Thank you for being a voice for our children



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