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Goddess, Phoenix and Mothers of Darkness mind control programming

Recently we premiered a deep dive on Goddess and Phoenix mind control programming. Here is a break down of some of the areas we covered

Ancient goddess names are mind control triggers, that are being released through the engineered New Age movement, religions, corporate training, therapies, politics and almost every area of our modern cult-ure. These triggers are activating spiritual programming within survivors and 'sleepers' - a term used for unremembered survivors.

These deities are intensely programmed in children that have been subjected to ritual abuse and cult mind control. The same programs are also modified and delivered via the media, entertainment and engineered social movements, as a means to control the masses. This delivery by pop culture, also serves to reinforce and keep active, the usually unconscious programming survivors received as children

This activation and unconscious recognition of their programming in the outside world, is ushering survivors into engineered social movements, to follow platforms and pre placed assets. The cults are seeking to reprogram & prepare them for their tasks for the enemy's kingdom

Goddess and Phoenix worship reveal the extent that witchcraft is operating in our world today. Not just through cult groups and by a few witches in the woods, but indoctrinating millions into the occult and worship of pagan gods and fallen angels.

Mother earth, the phoenix rising and goddess worship are ancient Babylonian concepts. They have been reintroduced at this time for a very specific agenda: To disable mass populations spiritually and initiate them into Lucifer's counterfeit.

The Luciferian system, the 'light side' is portrayed as being here to save us. When in truth it is initiating its followers into; acceptance of the occult - promotion of cult practices and ensuring that mass populations are connecting with any other spirit, demon or entity, as long as it is not God and not Jesus

Satan doesn't care who in his kingdom you follow, as long as you are following one of his.

These Goddess programs are prominently displayed within the New cAge and other religions. Its important to understand that the cults operate largely within this New Age system. The Great White Brotherhood and The Family are the two most prominent cults within Australia, known for SRA and mind control. These cults both brainwashed the children involved in their programs with the New Age ideals of Ascended Masters, and then they use this same programming over mass populations to deceive and control.

The Goddess programming revealed by Cisco Wheeler

Cisco Wheeler is a survivor who over many years has released her journey of healing and breaking through programming in blogs, books and interviews. She has covered important information about Goddess Programming and how this is used in the mind control of individuals. By looking at these details, we are able to see how it is being leveraged out over entire communities

During mind control programming, the programmers not only torture the child to get alters - which are parts of the mind split off behind amnesiac barriers - but they torture the child to build internal structures within the mind.

Alters are created through intense trauma of abuse, or by using frequency. As the child is unable to cope, part of the mind splits off to take this experience and leaves the remainder of the mind able to function. This part of the mind that has split off, holds the memory of the abuse behind an amnesiac barrier. The pain of having conscious knowledge of what occurred would be to great and so it is suppressed. These 'parts' or alters are able to be programmed. They remain hidden behind the trauma that the child tries desperately to avoid remembering. Only to be called up using triggers when the programmer wants to access these parts for programming or use.

The structures that are built into the mind of a mind control slave are not trivial. Cisco described that, 'An overview of the structures in our System alone will show that they went to a great deal of effort to build all kinds of internal worlds to house thousands of alters.'

The System here is used to describe the internal set up a survivor's mind control programming, their alter System. See Cisco's drawing of her System below.

When a child's System is being charted during the early programming process, a Mother of Darkness, the Programmer and the Grande Dame will make a decision on how to label the chart. By the time a child is four, the weaknesses and strengths that characterise the alter System, have been recorded on the chart and the child's destiny in life will be determined. The chart will read what occupation the child will be made into, and what function for the overall illuminati plan will be. This determines what types of programs and alters must be created.

After an alter has been created, which is done by extensive trauma, the programmers give it a personal history ( via films, virtual reality headsets, stories, etc ) they give it a job within the system and scripts about the outside world.

The programmers will then abuse this alter to create Shadow alters. They will hypnotically attach a memory cue - which is a code consisting of the alter's name, the date of the memory and other details - to the main alter so that they are able to access this memory whenever they want. Then they will hypnotically and demonically build a one way mirror between this main alter and the shadow alter. These are like one way windows and are known as mirrors as it is by mirrors that this programming is put into the child's mind.

Next they use rituals and witchcraft to implant demons to guard the mirrors, guarding each memory that is held by a shadow alter. This separates an alter from knowing itself and its own abuse. The main alter has dissociated the pain to its shadow alter(s) of itself. The programmers then use the memory as blackmail to keep the main alter in line.

The main alter has dissociated the pain but will recover the memory if one of several things occur;

A programmer of handler says the memory code three times 3x

An event happens that triggers the main alter to remember

The main alter tries to remember the abuse and the programming, and by facing fear, pain and the programming, steps outside of the circle assigned to them and will 'break the circle and break the mirrors'

Within the cult it is women who are witches that oversee, guide and chart the programming process for a child. Spiritual programming, which includes alters set up for witchcraft and rituals are set up under many goddess names within the child's System. See Cisco's drawing

There is a Maiden - Mother - Crone combination in the Mothers of Darkness, which is programming used for rituals. Cisco describes that therapists are going to find these 3 alters placed together. This is part of how these Systems are structured.

There is a maiden, the young maiden mothers, who are set up on the pedestal as the 'a' alter. Behind these are the mothers. The crone part of these triads hides in the background. They serve as the power of advice behind the scenes. These Mother of Darkness triads participate in various ceremonies. Their initial ceremonies included water torture with electroshock, which is the death, burial and resurrection ceremony

There are a full range of Satanic holidays for the Mothers, throughout the year, with two of the prominent dates being the two solstices. Different Mother of Darkness alters participate in different ceremonies. The inside of their black velvet gowns are colour coded so that within the ranks of the Mothers are a whole series of ranks - grades. All of these Mother parts have been told they are divine goddesses

Cisco described how an Illuminati System like ours is set up so that different alters are assigned different rituals riding the year so that no alter has all the information. This is done with the Illuminati's intense desire for secrecy

Our Mothers were organised on a 13 x 13 grid on level 11 of our System. They have been placed in groups of 3 alters spinning together on a pedestal - The Threefold Goddess, which can be found clear back in ancient Egyptian / Babylon Mystery religions and the old Druid story of King Arthur with the 3 women at the lake.

The Virgin goddess is the New Moon, the Mother is the full moon and the Old Wise Crone is the waning moon

The Maiden or 'A' parts

The young maiden part of the mothers is the equivalent of the 'apprentice' level of the mystery schools and freemasonry. She seeks to remain eternally youthful and even with ageing, will remain youthful in mind. The maiden is the creatress of new ideas. She is also the armed hunter of the Mother's laws. She is independent and not controlled by men. She is the WayShower, the Keeper of Keys

You will find her in the rituals of;

New Beginning

Plans for conception

Birth of a child

First menstruation for girls

Puberty for boys

The Mother or 'B' parts

The Mother part of the Goddess Trinity is the high point in all cycles. Traditionally her colour is red, the colour of blood and life force. The Mother is actively work Magick. She is confident and has no indecision. The Mother knows what she is. She is the full moon. Summer is the Mother's time of year and the full moon is her point of power. She is honoured by Beltaine, a horrific ritual where hands and feet are cut off and strung up on fishing line, by Summer Solstice and Lunasa 1 August.

The Crone or 'C' parts

These alters rarely show themselves. They stay in the shadows and pass on advice. The crone aspect of the Triad of the Goddesses has been called the Terrible Mothers, the hag, the Dark Mother and The Wise One. She is associated with black, death, winter, menopause, wisdom, couple, reincarnation and the initiator into the deepest of the mysteries. The waning moon is her time of power. The crones number is 9. A number of wisdom and magic. 9 is also a moon number which means completion, wholeness. The crone has a cauldron. She is the great recycler, teacher and keeper of spiritual records. She contacts the spirits and is an expert on demonology. She is the shadow behind the Mother's throne. According to the occult she is the elder of unlimited wisdom. There are certain rituals which call for the crone, including Winter Solstice. The crone completes the wheel or cycle of the Mothers of Darkness. She is most likely in the system, the most dehumanised of the three

When demonology subjects are introduced to the system, this activates the Mothers.

The Mothers of Darkness are silver coded and the Grande Mothers are gold coded

Cisco describes, the Mothers were only out for short periods of time during the life of our System and have always been surrounded by satanic opulence, silver, china, luxury, gold and castles.

They were taught the occult belief about being - becoming the wheel of life.

They have been able to observe things by staying hidden and watching internally. They received heavy programming and huge demons so the outside world would not intrude on their programmed reality

They live in our System's Shangri-La and have been programmed to believe that if they leave their world for any length of time they will revert back to their true age - which is an ancient woman and then they will be close to death. They have a fear of wrinkles which seems to filter down to the lower levels. Within the System, they are in a blue room in the castle. They have a throne. They like blue topaz and black onyx. They wear black onyx. They put the seal on the House of Israel with the death, burial and resurrection ceremony they endured, which includes being electroshocked in water. One of the front Mothers wanted to be fixed in the plane between the astral and the physical, which the Mothers see as a point of balance. White light surrounds the internal ruling demons and makes it invisible. The internal demons took the form of our programmers and were on the next level above the Mothers.

The Mothers of Darkness are important to the hierarchy. The System was to be used as a Grand Mother to teach other younger satanic hierarchy women. This is an important reason the survivor is retained rather than being discarded at 30 like Presidential Models.

This picture is of the Queen Mother. We were brought before her and the Grand Druid Council at age 4 for a physical examination in the nude to decide our worthiness. We vividly remember this illuminati ceremony.

The Mothers of Darkness are a high level within the Illuminati for women. Some of the sites of Mother rituals include a building near Presidio's cemetery, the Rothschild's Pyramid winery in Calif and the important Mother Castle in Belgium. It is believed that each of the 13 families are allowed to have 13 mothers each, which would mean there are 2,197 mothers in the world.

All Mothers are married to the antichrist and are to be used as an imperial guard for the antichrist. They will be his harem. His spiritual wives that will protect him, birth human demonic hybrids, nephalim, as Satan's age old agenda continues of corrupting human seed. They will play an important role in meshing the unseen with the physical through witchcraft

The Mothers of Darkness Ess are very tough as they have had to go through discipline to gain their position. They are elitist. Mothers will wear a platinum ring with the eight pointed star of Ishtar within a circle. They must work their magic in very precise, prescribed methods. Methods given by the demonic spirits that are summoned during rituals

In witchcraft, the pulling down the moon ceremony is done. The Mothers would be found saying ritual words like, 'I am that which was you from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.'

Cisco wrote, 'Mysterious Egypt was the mother of much of Satanism. Egypt was an occult centre for centuries, actually millennia. The occult world believes that the Atlanteans gave their knowledge to Egypt. The men who made our System believed in Atlantis, so it stands to reason that they would look to Egypt for their occultism. Our system may even have been transported to Egypt for a ritual. We know our master visited Egypt. Many illuminati leaders have made pilgrimages to the Great Pyramid. The year 2000 is to be initiated in by rituals at the Great Pyramid.

Our Master was also involved in Freemasonry. Just one example of how Freemasons look to Egypt for their occult knowledge is CW Leadbeater's book Ancient Mystic Rites, which tells the importance of the ancient Egyptian mystery religions to Freemasonry today. David Carrico wrote an excellent book that surveys Satanic Rituals today and shows there is a direct correspondence between SRA and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. One of the groups practicing Monarch Mind Control was the Temple of Set. Set was an Egyptian form of Satan.

Egyptian occultism plays an important role in Hermetic magic, Freemasonry and Satanism. It should be no surprise that Egypt plays a role in our System. We had a Queen of the Nile alter, a Nile river. We had a number of goddess alters in our System named after Egyptian cat gods, Bast, Hathor and Sekmet. The cat goddess Bast in Egypt was the benevolent side of Hathor. The dark side of Hathor was Sekmet, the lion headed goddess. Nothing is hidden from our Mother of Darkness alter Nebet. At least a dozen deep alters have Egyptian names

These are some of the common Goddesses that exist in survivor programming.

There are many many more.

Stella Matutina, is Latin for Morning Star. This goddess wears a star on her head. This idol has been used by cults related to The Golden Dawn secret society / cult. Closely related to the Rosacrucians which at their core engage in goddess worship. This is seen by the Rosacrucian symbol () which is the shape of the female sexual organ

This video is about how they have a stronghold in Havelock New Zealand. In Australia they are more frequently called Rosacrucians

Isis - maiden - She dwells in the sky as a silver sheen. Isis or Set is best known of the Egyptian goddesses. Her name means throne. She is a ruler. She is the mother of the Anti-christ figure of Horus. The all seeing eye is symbolic of the Age of Horus that the cults are initiating many into. She has a horned crown, symbolic of sun worship

Bast - maiden - Bast is the mother goddess of all cats. Bast looked like an 18 foot giant with a cat head. Internally in the system she will look high. Black cats were sacred to Bast. The internal Bast may like obsidian and cats eye crystal. Bast corresponds to Yessod ( the foundation ) of Kabbalistic Tree of Life

Caillech - crone - the Scottish and Irish crone figure. She is known as the black mother. A derivative of her name is Caledonia. She was the Spirit of disease. Caillech means old woman, hag or veiled one. California is named after her. She is a derivative of Kali

Hathor - mother - Hat For is also known as Het Heart. She is the womb of Horus, Queen of the dead or Queen of the West. When Hathor was turned loose on the earth she slew humans until blood ran in the rivers. She is the avenging mother.

Ishtar - mother in the swamps - Ishtar is the Lady of heaven, goddess of the moon. Ishtar had a lion throne and a double serpent sceptre. She went down through 7 gates into darkness and then returned in order to find her lover Tammuz. Sometimes Ishtar is accompanied by dragons. She was originally a Babylonian goddess

Kali - crone - Kali or Kali Maa is the best known crone goddess. She will be deep within a System. One image of her in mythology is squatting over the dead Shiva devouring his penis while physically eating his intestines. This is an actual satanic ritual that Mothers of Darkness participate in. Kali has both creation and destruction abilities. Kali's necklace in Indian legend consists of skulls with magical Sanskrit letters. Kali was and is worshipped by many people, especially the Hindus. One group or worshippers has been the Thugs, who relate to the Assassins and the Knights Templars. The Knights Templar also have rituals where a decapitated human head is used, which is the same trophy kill that Kali is often presented carrying in her hand. Another group of Kali worshippers are the gypsies who left India in the Middle Ages and then travelled all over the world. Originally blood sacrifices of male animals or men were made to her

Maat - mother - Maat's name means 'She whose name is Truth.' Her symbol is a red ostrich feather. A ritual vow is 'by the Feather of Maat.' Maat's presence may explain why a system is infatuated with feathers. Matt is the one in legend who 'is the pattern' the one who 'will find a way to weave us back into our proper places in the tapestry'

Knowing the Luciferian 'Light Side' agendas to activate survivors and sleepers going forward we must continue learning and breaking apart our programming. The Holy Spirit is an incredible teacher and guide and if you pray for healing and assistance, God will bring together the divine plan of healing for you

By becoming aware of programming we begin to disable it. Sometimes its not easy to hear that we have been mislead, tricked and deceived. Sometimes this may trigger emotions within us to attempt to get us to stop healing, to push information away. Shame, guilt, anger and even rage are used to derail and ensure new information is disregarded or even forgotten. Often this involves the entities that were set up in initial programming, defending the System. They are able to sabotage through thoughts, emotions and even bring up memories. Be aware that as we progress and heal, there is often some pushback. Know that Jesus is with us every step of the way and ask him to intercess and and kick out the strongholds that are attempting to thwart your progress. Every time we learn more truth we continue to break apart the system.

Take your time and remember a daily consistent effort, spending time journalling, learning and in prayer is better than overwhelming yourself.

One day and one step at a time, we are healing together🙏

May God bless, protect and heal you all in every moment

Gabbi Choong

✅ Watch the full video on Goddess, Mother Earth and Phoenix programming here


The Genesis 6 Conspiracy, Gary Wayne

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