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Rachel Caruso Survivor of Epstein & New Age Cult Trafficking on using our Voices to Create Change

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

We recently caught up with Rachel Caruso a courageous survivor who is speaking out to create much needed awareness, change and healing solutions in our communities.

Rachel Caruso is a brave whistleblower and survivor not only of Epstein, but of multigenerational abuse family, trafficking through state care systems and a well known New Age cult. She speaks out to raise awareness of the international trafficking networks that are not just preying on our children but victimising, reprogramming and exploiting vulnerable survivors who are seeking to report their own abuse.

Rachel is an incredible example of emotional honesty, perseverance and how we may courageously face and transmute our shadow and traumas into strength. She works as an intuitive counsellor with survivors of SRA and MK Ultra and shares some key focuses to move through victimhood, to empowerment and become an influencer of change both within and around us.

Watch the full interview here

May we each find our voices and courage to take action at this time. Without this, many do not have a voice and remain lost and forgotten in this evil. Together may we speak the truth and demand change and protection for the most vulnerable members of our communities. So the evil that is human and child trafficking is exposed entirely and never able to happen again.

May the truth set us free, especially our children

With love and blessings

Gabbi Choong

Truth Justice Freedom for Children

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