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Nellie on MK Ultra downunder, hypnotic drugs and delta assassins

Updated: May 16, 2023

Recently we interviewed Nellie, a courageous survivor of ritual abuse and MK ultra in both Australia and New Zealand. Nellie speaks out today to show the structure and methods used by cult networks to mind control individuals and from here mass populations.

She shares her important truth to assist other survivors in healing and to raise awareness in our communities so we all may watch over the children around us and know the signs of cult abuse.

Despite reporting serious crimes in thousands of pages to the police and various state authorities, nothing has been actioned and instead Nellie herself received targeting

Nellie mentions the use of scopolamine, also known as Devils Breath as an important tool in the way the cults are able to continue their operations without being exposed. There was an article that she noted where in the UK a murder was described as the very first time this drug had been used. A cover up as it has been used for many decades. Read the article here

May we each find our voices and courage to take action at this time. Without this, many do not have a voice and remain lost and forgotten in this evil. Together may we speak the truth and demand change and protection for the most vulnerable members of our communities. So the evil that is human and child trafficking is exposed entirely and never able to happen again.

May the truth set us free, especially our children

With love and blessings

Gabbi Choong

Truth Justice Freedom for Children

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