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Truth Justice Freedom for Children was started by Gabbi Chong in July 2020, because of her passion and desire to make a difference for children. This was to raise awareness around child trafficking, with live events and online educational campaigns.
In less than a year this mission has gained so much momentum and quickly grown, with many volunteers all around Australia working with her in the fight to expose crimes against children, and to see corrupt systems dismantled.
Together our mission is for Truth, Justice and Freedom to prevail for all children locally and globally. Research shows that every 30 seconds a child is enslaved for labour, for organ harvesting or for sex trafficking, worldwide. It is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, bringing in 150 billion dollars a year.
The average victim is abused 8 times a day. The survival statistics are bleak for children that are forced into this evil, with only 1% of victims being the miracle few that survive. Monthly we have rallied together all over Australia to participate in awareness days to educate the public and blow the whistle on this humanitarian, global epidemic. It has also become a supportive community to give brave survivors a platform and space to use their voices and tell their story.
Our focus for children is creating change through raising awareness, inspiring hope and community grassroots solutions. We see a future of protection and support being created right now through the work of many passionate and determined individuals that are uniting and networking for our common goals of protecting our children. Together we are stronger.
Our supporters are survivors and advocates for the prevention of crimes against our children standing shoulder to shoulder. We believe #itstime to get loud in our communities and demand the much needed state and federal focus and funding to publicly educate and thus prevent crimes against our children. We must see the dismantling of broken systems and real support for survivors provided.
Enough is enough and no more silence, our survivors must be heard. It’s time our courts and leaders are held accountable to protect our children and not predators and perpetrators. Together we are all a part of creating a future of safety and protection for our most vulnerable, our children. Thank you for taking action and being a voice for children!  
Gabbi Choong.



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