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Take action now click Sign the Petition to learn more about the Suppression Order protecting alleged Paedophile Politicians named in Police Documents


We exist to raise awareness and create solutions to protect our children from sexual abuse and exploitation.

We raise awareness within our local communities across Australia and New Zealand, highlighting issues affecting our children. We believe it is paramount to our children's safety, that communities become aware of the broken system, providing inadequate sentencing, suppression orders and protection for paedophiles, rather than providing justice for the victims.  

We encourage you to subscribe below, so that we can continue to communicate with you, providing information on upcoming events or what you might be able to do, to be a part of the change.

We look forward to sharing posts and updates, as well as building this to be a hub of inspiration, education and connection for anyone wishing to further their knowledge or rise up for Children. Learn more about us here.


If you're keen to volunteer your skills or time within our community, feel free to reach out via email at be sure to sign up here for updates and follow us on social media at the links below.
You can learn more about how each donation assists, with funding for our live Australia Wide Awareness Events  
Glen Fisher on Kings Cross the Predators' Paradise, a journey of survival & resilience