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When Snowballs Become Avalanches

Hello Warriors for Children,

Hope this update finds you well and thriving through these challenging times of growth and upheaval! If you’re feeling a little frazzled – I am not surprised, the awakening is a messy process with so many long-buried layers being understood simultaneously.

As many of you know gorgeous Gabbi has grown Truth Justice Freedom for Children from the ground up, after thinking potentially one person couldn’t make a difference – she has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, the power of one! In her latest video with Rachel Vaughan where the conversation arises around the many standing for our children and exposure of SRA during the Canberra Convoy, we can see just how large this movement has grown.

The once small snowball has become an avalanche of survivors speaking their truth alongside volunteers who advocate for the exposure of and the end of child abuse, SRA and paedophile protection. You can view the full video interview with Rachel Vaughan and Gabbi here.

I feel very honoured to be asked and provided the opportunity to share more guest blogs and articles here with you on this platform, whilst Gabbi continues to support survivors to share their stories, creating powerful video and written content.

We hope you’ll continue to show your support by sharing these posts with a wider audience enabling them to see that which has been hidden and deliberately censored from our communities by way of Suppression Orders and Acts that hide hundreds of child rapists named in over 8000 private testimonies from the Woods Royal Commission. We’re seeing some amendments to offences with outdated terms and also an introduction to a series of reforms and changes in relation to “Gag Orders” suppressing victims, but so far these changes are still missing the mark, considering some of those who are named in police documents related to one Suppression Order in particular, remain in positions of power to this day.

My heart aches to hear the accounts of courageous survivors, but my soul is strengthened to know so many powerful warriors, whose experiences shared are creating revolutionary shifts in our consciousness and inner standing in what it means to be human and the society we are striving and rising on mass to create to from these ashes. You can view the very latest moving and powerful video account with “Earth Angel” Lisa Gillard survivor of SRA on Aquarius Rising here.

I have further been tasked and enabled to grow our Instagram reach (as TJFFC is currently censored from TikTok) so keep an eye out for new video reels on our Instagram page, we hope to get this message out as far and wide as possible. Connect with us on Instagram and hit the follow button to stay engaged

Coming soon we are so looking forward to sharing more content around soul growth and healing. I’ll keep my ear to the ether to discover what it is time to share next.

Till then Beautiful Warriors for Children



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