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Focus on Healing

Hello Warriors for Children,

We hope this mailer finds you well, during these times of unprecedented global upheaval. Whether we are survivors, uprisers or advocates, many of us are finding ourselves challenged physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, like never before.

Solutions Aquarius Rising Africa has recently hosted Gabbi Choong and Rachel Vaughan, speaking to their respective journeys on their paths to healing. You can view the video here or in our video uploads on the website here.

So, with our focus presently on healing, I wanted to provide here some top free resources that I’ve used over the years, on my own path of healing everything from endometriosis, PTSD, depression, chronic pain, and a few other things in between.

My journey to healing started with a health crisis, that brought my body to a screaming halt by the time I was 19. I was largely ignoring my health, believing my fate was in the hands of medical professionals only. I had reached a point where I was unable to self-manage the crippling pain, that was later to be diagnosed as endometriosis. Following western medicines best advice, I utilised laser surgery which was to later be advised as an annual management.

As ill-advised as the solution was, it was the blessing in disguise that would set off a chain of events that would later change the entire direction of my life. My health crisis forced me to reconsider western medicine’s role in my health and healing. I had suffered chronic asthma, eczema and now endometriosis and had been a long-term consumer of pharmaceuticals from the age of 2. Like so many, I was semi-blissfully unaware of some of the long-term side effects and potential dangers of these chemical cocktails.

The first part of my healing journey, focused solely on healing the physical body. I was aided to do so by the homeopathic angel, that the universe put in my path. With this guidance I began to return my body to homeostasis, starting with the back then not so widely known methods, returning gut health and removal of all processed foods , pesticide products , fluoridated tap water and the addition of adequate movement and exercise. 6 months and 15kg later I no longer had any symptoms of asthma, eczema or endometriosis. To learn more about gut health and the effect of additives in our food chain, be sure to click the video links above to view.

The process of learning to care for, listen to and honour my body’s needs, allowed me to also become more aware of my emotional and environmental needs. I no longer tolerated unacceptable relationships or work environments; scientific studies can now demonstrate what we must innately know, which is how our DNA expression can be altered, when exposed to positive or negative environments. My sense is we’re really only beginning to scratch the surface of understanding our natural ability to heal ourselves, as we can now be evidenced in ground-breaking peer reviewed studies of quantum physics, neuroscience, psycho neuro immunology and epigenetics.

If you’re looking to begin healing the physical body through detoxification and supporting your body in its first step toward optimal health, be sure to check out the videos linked above and the wealth of self-care information available at Tolman Self Care.

Be sure to subscribe for more healing resources, as we take a look at mental and emotional healing next.

Till then Warriors for Children



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