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People Power Wins

Hi warriors for our children,

I hope you are all well and smiling.

I am sure many of you have seen, shared and been a part of our recent campaign to demand removal of horrific t shirts from Jay Jays stores. It is shocking to see these images for sale in a clothing chain particularly as their target market is impressionable young adults. The products tittled 'Let's Summon Demons,' and 'Lets Sacrifice Toby,' incite violence and black magic as well as retraumatising survivors of satanic ritual abuse.

Thank you to all who shared, called and emailed Jay Jay’s about these horrific shirts. Due to the overwhelming public response they have been removed from sale. So great to see a community response generating immediate change, as well as raising awareness and starting important conversations for the safety and protection of children Where you spend your dollars counts and it’s a crucial time to support local and ethical business rather than these huge chains with evil connections and agendas. When we say NO multiplied by many, our spending choices are powerful.

If you have not yet seen, the same satanic ritual abuse design is on posters at Cotton On. Stuart Grimley MP and his assistant Olivia have put together a public letter to Cotton On asking for the item to be removed. My main concerns were the grooming and targeting of young impressionable people as well as the effect on survivors of satanic ritual abuse which have both been included.

Make your voice heard >The Complaint via Email : >Cotton On complaint website : >Tweet: cottonon. It is so important that we are a voice for our children calling out any attempt to normalise these horrific crimes against children. Together let's create a future where all children are safe, protected and loved Much love Gabbi

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