You Are Being Called to Rise!

This week Truth Justice Freedom for Children caught up with some incredible advocates for children as part of our August Awakening series. Throughout August we will be catching up with survivors and advocates about healing, hope and some incredible community solutions!

We will be sharing information on prevention of crimes against our children and what we can all do to play our part in raising consciousness and protecting all children.

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At the start of August, I caught up with Aquarius Rising focusing on Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse in Australia, with Chantelle and Morne from Aquarius Rising Africa. Unfortunately, it really is the same story playing out all over our world. Jane Forsyth a courageous survivor, speaks about her experience and says “it’s time to get up and take action... don’t be so disrespectful to the children who are paying the price..” Find out some of the glorification numbers in Australia for child trafficking and satanic ritual abuse. To watch click play below or click the link here:

On Sunday I was blessed to speak with Pastor Paul, about his incredible court case challenging family courts gag orders, which are silencing parents and enabling trafficking of children in alleged state care. Do you know what to do, if an attempt is made to remove your children?

Pastor Paul shares with us that “thousands of parents cannot speak about the unlawful and often violent warrantless removals of their children in NSW. We are arguing this is contrary to the Paramountcy Principles and the best interests of our children and is unconstitutional and is creating a situation where parents and significant others can be incarcerated by a two year strict liability criminal offence for speaking about, or identifying their own children, and how in our view this is facilitating a significant state condoned child trafficking and child abuse system and helping ultimately to fund a multi billion dollar child trafficking industry that is destroying families and creating irreversible damage to many children in the alleged care of the state.”

You can watch the interview by clicking the video below or clicking the link here:

Learn more about Pastor Paul his work and other resources here:, here: and here:

We hope you find this information inspiring and learn more about how each small or large act, can help break the silence for victims and raise more awareness for this cause. You are being called to rise and we thank YOU for being a voice for children!

Gabbi Choong

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