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Who's Protecting Pedophiles

Hi warriors for children,

I hope you are all wonderful!

I caught up with Adrian D’amico recently to talk about the protection of pedophiles in Australia.

The silencing of survivors of child abuse must end. As must the weak decisions of our courts against perpetrators. Right here in Australia there is a 1% conviction rate on rape charges. So many rapes, but no rapists!

40 % of the few that are convicted of these horrific crimes against children never do a single day in prison.

Enough is enough!

Our children deserve protection not these perpetrators of horrific abuse.

A vivid example of the injustice of our systems for children is the lack of investigation of the 28 pedophiles named on a NSW police document from the Woods Royal Commission.

Australia’s two national pedophile enquires 1997 and 2015 were presided over by a judge named as a pedophile.

Justice James Woods QC was named by survivor Dean Henry as a pedophile and part of the elite ring also involved in ritual abuse of children during the Woods Royal Commission into Institutionalised Child Sexual Abuse 2015.

There was no investigation and instead all private testimonies, (over 8000) were put under an Act for 99 years that prevented any public exposure, thus protecting Woods and other high profile child rapists.

Wood’s recommendations from the RC that there was no ‘proof’ of the existence of organised or elite pedophile rings or prolific ritual abuse in Australia, continue to effect the safety of children in this country today by protecting systematic trafficking operations at the highest levels of power.

Time to get loud for our children

We exist to raise awareness and create solutions to protect our children from sexual abuse and exploitation. Join local and virtual events, walks, market stalls and awareness days and BE the change

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