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Power of the Voice of a Survivor

Hello warriors for children

In case you missed it, we interviewed Russell who is a brave survivor of Daruk Boys home. It is so important that these stories are shared to heal survivors and our communities. Through awareness and understanding real change is created.

Russell Manser is a survivor who has created an incredible support for Australians making claims of child sexual abuse. The Voice of a Survivor Pty Ltd has already assisted more than 12,000 people with navigating the legal system and supports them before, through and after legal proceedings. His business is a legal consulting agency acting on behalf of sexual abuse survivors to ensure they are directed to a law firm that is suited to their individual case

Institutional abuse claims


Boys Scouts Girl Guides




Sporting teams

Boys homes Girls homes

After School Care

Survivors can also sue individuals providing they have assets.

Voice Of A Survivor freecall number 1300 863 509

An incredible community solution created for survivors by a survivor

Together we are healing individuals and creating a culture where all survivors are heard and supported

Click the video below, or watch here

In late August, Darruk welfare officer, Robert Barracluff, was sentenced to an 18.5 year maximum sentence.

Due to a suppression order, the media will not report on this case.

The cover up of Daruk Boys Home Windsor N.S.W for horrific crimes to children continues. The public must be informed about cases like these in our courts that involve politicians.

Federal representative Alistair Webster was exposed as being in charge of this state run home where horrific abuse of defenceless boys took place over decades. Survivors testified he was well aware of their claims of ongoing abuse, which he ignored and even punished them for instead.

We were caged children at the mercy of a major serious paedophile ring,”

Mr Stanton, Darruk Survivor

“They were extremely vulnerable boys. I think the tragedy of this is that the people that were entrusted to care for them and help them were alleged to have abused them,” Detective Hallam

Survivors revealed to the Woods Royal commission that their abuse included experimentation and being trafficked in Kings Cross.

For decades the lost boys of Daruk kept their silence about their abuse.

Now as men they have courageously come forward to speak out and seek justice

Sending love to all of the survivors of Daruk. The truth must be told.

60 minutes exposed Webster in 2018

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Thank you for BEing a voice for our most vulnerable. Together survivors and advocates around the world are creating solutions and a future of safety and protection for our children

We are the change!


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