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The War on Our Children

Hello warriors for children,

Many of us are now aware of the war on our children, the war on the people and the global genocide plan. A system of complete corruption so vast, that we realise the Rockerfellers, Soros, World Economic Forum (WEF) and Governments of the world are nothing more than the front men and women, for those who view us as a dispensable commodity whose time has passed.

Our children are born into a system of eternal oppressive debt, where mothers are expected to or have no choice but to leave their 6-week old babes, in the care of strangers. A string of childhood vaccinations, No Jab No Play the bribe for an education that preaches inappropriate content , pronouns for genders

and confidential discussions with teachers.

In Victoria we were sold Safe Schools as an anti-bullying program, only to later find out the professor who over saw the organisation that came up with the program was a known pedophile advocate Professor Dowsett. We were led to believe Safe Schools was an anti-bullying program, contrary to their own statements “That Safe Schools Coalition is about supporting gender and sexual diversity. Not about celebrating diversity. Not about stopping bullying. It’s about gender and sexual diversity”

Our children are on a steady diet of deliberately confusing and inappropriate information. Highlighted recently by a state legislator in Victoria, Bernie Finn

who outlined the homework of one of his constituents, a parent of a young 10-year-old girl, who was being told to ask their father about his “erections and ejaculations”

And if this deliberate confusion wasn’t enough, cue the toxic soup we used to lovingly refer to as our environment. We drink water polluted by industrial dumping, pesticide run off, prescription drug residues and heavy metals. We are bathed in harmful EMF’s in an environment saturated with over 80,000 synthetic chemicals known as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC)s. They flood our air, water, food, personal care, cleaning products, furniture, toys, clothing, cars the list goes on and they are now measurably present in 93-97% of the US Population. Coincidentally our foetuses and children are the most vulnerable to these over 500 cancer causing, hormone disrupting chemicals which cause, multiple diseases, developmental disorders and notably lowered sperm count, semen quality and feminisation of boys as outlined in the 2017 Documentary, Chemicals In The Environment Dehumanising Humanity

The war on our children has been a long one and it’s still far from over. The harder we worked the more we funded them. Their plans were right on track, they were busy funding the torture and abuse of children 5 months -14 years old to form the basis of our supposed “sexual revolution” which is nearing its final crescendo. Then cue the creation of pornography combined with the internet where 30% of all data being shared is pornography, we have one of the greatest mind control weapons for destroying families through addiction, interfering with normal brain development in children and fostering impotency in men. All of which conveniently leads to a population of gender confused, addicted individuals who are no longer interested in procreation or who have lost the ability to do so.

The ever-expanding cost of living is seeing mothers and fathers working longer hours. Our children are now at the mercy of YouTube celebrities promoting everything from gender confusion to vaccinations. Primary schoolers discuss pornographic websites, where they are led to child abuse material.

Alone daily for hours our children are vulnerable to online predators and susceptible to the “new genders” most insidious version, the Minor Attracted Person (MAPS) whom we are told are not pedophile’s, but adults who are sexually attracted to children. Unfortunately, this is nothing new as evidenced by an exhaustive list of pedophile advocacy organizations across the world including the supposedly defunct , but still very much alive NAMBLA - North American Man Boy Love Association with its links to the Open Society Foundations and George Soros. . They provide tools for their members,How to groom; What to say to the police if caught; and where are the best places to find little boys (and girls)” So desperate they are for us to believe pedophilia is a sexual orientation, they created the LGBTQ+ movement. Unfortunately for those now in the gay and lesbian community, without their knowledge and permission, they are now lumped into LGBTQ+ with MAPS. Historically Gay Associations have called to dissolve ties with these types of associations.

We now find ourselves at the Endgame. With Bill Gates next great venture to have all our babes, drinking lab produced breast milk Biomilq while the adults around them are dropping like flies from the doctor baffling Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS),

Living in a world where we pay taxes to fund our children’s abusers, otherwise known as the corporations masquerading as Governments. These funds allow our children to be taken from us, trafficked, abused and now to be experimented on in the global human clinical trial, where big pharma is the only winner. You would think the amount their making from children using puberty blockers for their confusion would be enough, but alas no.

Are we teetering on the precipice of total and permanent change, I really hope so? Please share far and wide, let's end the War on our Children!

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