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The Path to Change a Mind

Sometimes it’s easy to think it only happens in far away countries, but child exploitation is also happening in Australia, in our communities, institutions and family homes.

Over the next two weeks of August let’s spread the word with signs, chalk, stickers, that enough is enough, together we demand protection for our children

Let’s fill our streets, cars, social media and community with flyers, signs and a call to action for children.

Our culture is finally beginning to evolve and become one where survivors are being heard and supported. It must continue to change. We have been taught to look for justice in our courts and listen to the media’s spin on protecting the perpetrators. Who is protecting our children?

I have been reflecting on what justice means to me for our children, past, present and future generations.

It certainly is not found in the courts of the criminal ‘in’justice system where in Australia only 1% of rape cases are convicted. So many rapes, but no rapists?

Nor do are we a nation seeing these issues raised in Parliament, that would only be a mockery by pedophile protectors and part of the public puppet show. Meanwhile behind the scenes, child protective services have been infiltrated and targeted by child predators with 37% of children missing reporting sexual abuse. How many go unreported? Victoria’s last report had 2375 reports of children going missing from state care, many multiple times and from hours up to months. You'll find further information here .

Once I strip away all the lies and the conditioning of an upside down world, for me Justice will be when all survivors are heard, when all survivors are supported and there are enough people awake to this organised evil, taking action together, to ensure it is exposed and never able to happen again. Justice will be when our children are safe and protected!

Until then children continue to be exploited, suffering horrific abuse and knowing this, will be the fire in my belly to take action every single day. Children are suffering right now, at the hands of perpetrators who are protected by systems, the same systems that are perceived by the public to care for our children. These systems silence our children and survivors from speaking out about their abuse. With this level of corruption, greed and pure evil, it is going to take a true grassroots movement of our people, to create a future of safety and protection for our children.

This is the greatest injustice of our time and to our most vulnerable. It has spread itself through the upper echelons of society around the world, including politics, law, media and entertainment. A disgusting rot that has been covered up and must be exposed.

Raising awareness is the first part of change. We are all able to take action at events but also in our own communities, using our own social media and networks of people around us, right where we are.

Taking action is something we are all able to contribute to and control. Best of all it is a call to declare our sovereignty, to stand in our truth for all children. True empowerment that in no way requires assistance or feedback from broken, infiltrated and corrupt systems.

This stops when we all say NO. Two letters, one word, that truely has the power to change our world!

Together we are stronger for our children. Gabbi

Street signs by amazing Linda Honey and Roxanne Stolls

Please send in your street art so we can share

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