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The Coverup of Australia’s 250,000 Adoptions

Hi Warriors for children!

Recently I interviewed Kerri Saint, a survivor and a fierce advocate for awareness and support for Australia's forgotten adopted children. Join us for an incredible overview of the over 250,000 children that were known to be adopted here in Aus, their challenges to be recognised, heal and find support. These figures are only for the adoptions that were noted in the system, there are also many that were done with no paperwork or state record. Kerri estimates from the many survivors she speaks with that 8 out of 10 adoptees have suffered from abuse in addition to being removed from their birth family and the core original wound of the mother, child bond being broken at birth.

Read more about how in Australia, more than 250,000 women have relinquished a baby for adoption since the late 1920s, link here

Kerri has brought together a unique team to create powerful songs that convey the suffering of adoption and she gave us permission to include one of these in this interview. Kerri wrote the lyrics and they give us all an incredible insight into the truth about adoption.

If you are an adoptee you will find all of Kerri's links in the video description for her on line facebook support groups.

May the truth set us free, especially our children.



Impact of past adoption practices 5 1 Introduction The Supporting Mother’s Benefit was introduced in Australia in 1973.2 Prior to this event (and the other social and legal changes that affected the lives of single mothers and their babies in the 1970s), it


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