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The BIG Secret of Australia's Family Cult

Hi warriors for children,

I recently enjoyed connecting with incredible survivor Aishe, who joined me to describe the highly organised Tavistock set up here in Australia.

Tavistock is the corporatisation of military intelligence mind control that is today being unleashed on the masses.

Tavistock has been in Australia since the 1940’s and Aishe speaks of the nodes being set up in Ballarat, Geelong & Bendigo. Aishe describes how the ‘family’ cult in Australia were deeply imbedded in the set up & operation of these extensive programs.

They have their tentacles in every part of our society and Aishe does a brilliant job of connecting the many dots through her lived experience and lifetime of research

Aishe seeks to expose their very BIG little secret. Aussie children have and are still being exploited in systematic highly organised programs on an industrial scale that is horrifically shocking.

As a survivor with dissociative identity Aishe explains the complexity of living with a fragmented mind.

Watch here by clicking the image above or copying the link below into your browser.

Aishe Spark and the conglomerate as Researchers / Historians prepared the following books specifically for the presentation interview on “Truth Justice and Freedom for Children.” Her Historians and Researchers wanted the viewers to understand Fiona Barnett, Wendy Hoffman, Alison Miller and the other Authors’ work is historical.

Click the link below to view or download the booklist from our latest addition to our website

Whether you are a survivor of any trauma looking for answers and trying to understand, a person who has awaken to the deception or even someone just entering the realization of what is happening the following could assist you in that journey. Remember these are real people with real experiences and insights to the darkness that has been hidden. It’s time the journey to truth is spread throughout every nation of this planet.

May the truth set us free


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