Tavistock's Greatest Weapon is Mind Control

Hi warriors for children,

Years ago, pre scamdemic, Tavistock was one of the most banned words on social media. It’s interesting that this one word was so hot that just mentioning it was enough to get you blocked and deplatformed. It makes sense that the controllers would not want this knowledge spreading. Mind control is only efficient and effective in disabling the masses in an endless fear and trauma loop cycle when the programming is able to run unconsciously.

When we observe and question, when we tune into our inner wisdom and morality and indeed humanity, we begin to loosen and rise above the decades of indoctrination we have each been subjected to. Coming back to consciousness and free thought, we break open the mental prison that we were indeed tricked into co creating.

Tavistock might be described as the brain of international psychological warfare which has been utilised since 1920. It is the corporatisation of cults, their occult knowledge & wartime experimentation to allow further expansion of both their control and agendas. Tavistock controls world mental health, education, think tanks, law and police, governments, military’s big pharma & media, intelligence - they train the CIA & other agencies & have infiltrated or set up virtually every aspect of our society.

Tavistock’s tentacles include alternative media and public figures. These are pre placed intelligence assets, sold out and able to be directed to mislead organic movements back into their systems of enslavement.

Tavistock military intelligence is always reviewing the current data, via their US hub the Stanford Institute. They predict the direction of human consciousness potential and just how they might best manipulate this. They are the puppet masters, utilising technology developed and tested during wartime on both their assets and the masses.

Did you know, looking at the roots of these words, Tavistock tells us their plans. Hidden in plain sight.

Govern = control

Ment = mind

Government = mind control.

Mass mind control is the translation of decades of unethical research carried out on vulnerable groups. Children were frequently the subjects of these horrific experiments and they were targeted from broken homes, state care, institutions and cult families.

Mk ultra is this unethical research by military intelligence. Research that continues today on vulnerable groups in our communities, within corrupted institutions and on our children. These projects utilise suppressed occult knowledge of the unseen, combined with cutting edge psychology & military technology.

Today this military mind control is unleashed as psychological warfare on the public. Tavistock’s mass ‘shockwave’ fear programming using Mockingbird media and entertainment are some of their tools for the micro to macro translation.

I enjoyed recently catching up with incredible survivor Max Lowen to chat about Tavistock’s history and extensive mass mind control programs, including Mk ultra and ritual abuse.

Max has offered this video as a free view without the usual subscription to our supporters to which you can take advantage of by clicking on the link below.

Watch the full interview with Max Lowen here

Comprehending the immense scale of programming and mass mind control is key to us seeing through and transmuting the matrix. When we are able to see the patterns and the way media, entertainment have been utilised to control, shape culture and direct society, we continue to deprogram our own minds and show another way forward.

What they fear most is many individuals creating waves through free thought. They might be able to infiltrate, mislead or even create a movement, but what the Tavistock computers can’t equate is the potential for human creativity.

They can’t hold back the infinite capacity of the human spirit to rise above their lies, low frequencies and create anew. We can take their binary choice of just two options and write over it with infinite solutions birthed from our own inner truth and wisdom

Be sovereign. Be uncontrollable. Be you.

Much love


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