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Survivors Right to a Lawyer

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Hi warriors for children

I hope you are all well and smiling.

As I am sure many of you are aware, the current state of our courts with protecting children who have experienced sexual abuse is horrific. It can only be described as the ‘criminal injustice system,’ with 40 % of convicted pedophiles never doing a day in prison.

Did you know the current conviction rate on rape charges is only 1%️

So many rapes but no rapists.

Survivors have NO right to a lawyer to represent them in court.

Survivors continue to be silenced by court suppression orders. This means they are unable to speak about their experiences which is a huge part of healing and recovery.

Here’s a 5 minute task for anyone who has been a victim of ANY crime, whether you have taken this through court or chosen not to.

Please join us in demanding the following

All survivors must have a lawyer in court.

All suppression orders and Acts must be lifted immediately on conclusion of the court trial. No court trial, NO suppression orders. Survivors must be able to tell their story as part of healing. The media must be able to report on the crime of child sexual abuse regardless of the position of power of the perpetrator.

If there is more than one victim the perpetrator must be tried under the same judge so the entirety of the crimes are comprehended.

Thank you to passionate survivor and lawyer Ingrid Irwin, pictured here with her sign ‘GIVE VICTIMS THE RIGHT TO A LAWYER IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM,’ for continuing to speak out for survivors’ right to fair court trial with a lawyer.

Where are all the other legal voices for our children and survivors

Thank you for BEing a voice for our children and all survivors

Together we are the change

Much love


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