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Infestation of Abuser's in our Public Systems

Hi warriors for children

Over the last years of working with survivors and sharing their stories I have been shocked by uncovering the huge efforts to silence, discredit and even retraumatise these courageous souls.

These brave whistleblowers are speaking out not just for their own justice, but for all our children, past, present and future. It is only through their truths being bravely shared that we challenge and shake the evil grip of the networks on our children.

Australia has become an infestation of abusers seeking to use children for profit. For to long we as a society have been ignorant and unaware, allowing this to happen around us in our communities. It’s time to take our world back.

‘Public systems’ and corporations have either been infiltrated or in many instances were actually fronts set up through Tavistock. Tavistock’s agenda of mind control uses child sexual abuse as a tool of domination. In all areas of our society including the military, media, government, education, ‘child protection,’ ‘medicine’, institutions and churches, this evil has remained hidden preying upon our most vulnerable.

Now the decades of silence are being broken. Over recent years the number of survivors healing and being strong enough to speaking out, write books, blogs, create art and raise awareness in our communities has exponentially increased.

Coming forward and sharing publicly often means much personal sacrifice, bearing the brunt of trolling, threat and intimidation tactics.

It’s up to all of us to stand with our whistleblowers, share their stories and give them the protection of showing the powers that be we are watching and expecting a full and due investigation of these horrific crimes against our children.

Ash is a courageous whistleblower exposing the highly organised child trafficking networks and corruption within the Aus ‘mental health’ system, which is not only silencing survivors, it is involved in both Mk Ultra Monarch reprogramming and trafficking. These people are being targeted for these programs when they are most vulnerable and needing support.

Ash explains eloquently her experiences over the previous months leading up to making a full report with the AFP this week.

Watch the full interview

No one should ever experience these disgraceful attacks. These are publicly funded systems being weaponised against the very people that they supposedly meant to protect.

It’s time for us to get loud and stand in support of our whistleblowers and all our children.

Please share and raise awareness so together we can demand much needed change to protect all our children and survivors.

May the truth set us free, especially our children


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