From Darkness to Light

Hi warriors for children

In case you missed it, last week advocate for children and survivor Rachel Vaughan joined me and the lovely Chantelle and Morne’ on Aquarius Rising.

Rachel details her first hand experience of the underground tunnel system used for child trafficking in South Australia and the protection of ritual abusers at the highest levels of power.

If you are learning about satanic ritual abuse and corruption in our systems of power in Australia this is a must watch.

It is only through us finding the courage to see, comprehend and shine our light on this evil that we will transcend it. It is a truely shocking truth to admit that systems we thought were for the people have instead been used to exploit our most vulnerable.

Together we must face the reality of the systematic exploitation of our children right here in Australia. Only through awareness will real change be created so the children of today and tomorrow are safe and protected.

Much love


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