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Everything that was Hidden is coming to light!

Hello all Warriors for children!

There are so many concerns at present, that it makes it even more important that we continue to be a voice for our children. I hope you are enjoying this months campaign to take our message to the streets with chalk and signs. We have seen some awesome creations and I will continue to share these.

Please do send us a photo or video of your local statement for children to inspire others.

Without awareness, without having the courage to look at the darkness it can not be healed. We are all a part of creating a future of safety and protection for our children.

This week as part of our August awakening interview series, we caught up with Sach to talk about satanic ritual abuse. Exposing the evil of satanic ritual abuse is how it ends. This stops when we all say NO!

There are more people and more children enslaved at this time than ever before. When we start realising the prolific number of ritual abusers and pedophiles in power it starts explaining why we are breaking free from an incredibly upside down world. One where perpetrators are protected and the innocent are silenced.

It’s up to all of us with eyes to see, to expose satanic ritual abuse and free all children. #itstime Everything that was hidden is coming to light!

Check out the interview below:

Did you know the current conviction on rape charges is only 1% in Australia. This horrific injustice is a result of survivors being unable to have a lawyer represent them in court. 40% of convicted pedophiles never do a single day in prison. These systems need to be challenged, dissolved and completely rebuilt to protect our innocent children and prosecute and punish offenders.

“I aim to change the narrative.”

Marita Murphy (née Elliott) is a survivor from Ballarat who challenged the Statute of Limitations laws here in Melbourne after they changed in 2015 as a direct response from a recommendation of the royal commission into child sexual abuse in Australia. When it became obvious the police were not going to press charges, she pursued these civilly after a face-to-face meeting with her perpetrator resulted in threats.

Instead of receiving justice, Marita was made to pay HIM, the police identified perpetrator, over one hundred thousand dollars, for the privilege of not being heard in Court. Three male judges over ruled a woman County Court judge who ruled that we go to trial. She was belittled in their ruling where they stated her view was to narrow. All this is available online if you google Marita Murphy court case.... there wasn’t one.

Marita’s documentary is called “You Be The Judge”

After premiering her movie in Ballarat, Marita sent a copy of her documentary to acting premier James Merlino to be passed on to Dan Andrews. Marita’s documentary copies were ‘mislaid’ advised Merlino’s office and her demands for much needed change for survivors in our criminal ‘injustice’ system have received no meaningful response.

Marita Murphy continues to be a strong voice demanding justice for survivors and protection of all children

“Every child deserves to grow up sexually safe.

No more golden silence.”

Watch Marita’s documentary below:

It is incredible to see people all over the world hearing the call to rise up and take action.

Thank you for BEing a voice for our children

Together we are the change


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