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CPS is Killing our Families!

Hi warriors for children,

I caught up with Paul Burton to discuss the horrific epidemic of state sanctioned child trafficking and abuse and how we can protect our children.

One of our wonderful supporters Linda Summer put together some points to highlight these crimes against our most vulnerable explained by Paul.

“To prevent freedom of political expression about a government that steals children for profit, will affect people’s choices when it comes to electing a government. People don’t realise how bad it is in Australia. The entire Child Protection Act is a genocide act, certainly for the indigenous and other minority groups.

In Australia, the government overrides the paramountcy principle (the rule that the best interests of the child must be regarded as the paramount consideration when making specified decisions in the Family Law Act 1975). It instead uses Permanent Placement Principles whereby a child is removed as a first course of action. They never look into the damage done to children who are removed from their homes, nor do they look at the unfortunate outcomes of children placed in care which are well documented in numerous reports.

Children are five times more likely to be abused in out-of-home care. 1000 children that have died in care in Australia in the past ten years is a gross underestimate.

The latest Australian Federal Police report states that "there are approximately 44,900 children living in Out-of-Home Care in Australia. They comprise under one percent of all young people in the country, yet they made up 53 percent of all young people reported missing and were responsible for 77 percent of missing episodes during the timeframe of the study. Youth in OOHC also repeatedly went missing during the 30-day study period. They comprised 54 percent of all missing individuals, but were responsible for 70.5 percent of all repeat missing youth."

Family Preservation Network has drawn a line in the sand. If caseworkers come near children without a warrant or judicial oversight, they will use force to stop them if necessary. This is how fucked it is. And this is a pastor talking to you. It is so fucked and so sick and so horrific and so debauched that the average Australian punter cannot conceive of what these people are doing. I’m tired of listening to screaming children being abused in houses and motels. I deal with it every week. Effectively, the courts are condoning it and allowing it to go on and on.

The system is stacked against the parents and the children. It’s totally illegal.

When the child is taken, who is the parent? There is no parent. And the bureaucrats are not responsible for any of it. I am astounded at how bad it is.

Australian children are financial units and the system is devoid of all morals and ethics. It is just money and pure greed at the sacrifice of everything else. I think it’s going to snap because of the parents I am dealing with.

Criminals get treated with more respect than parents. It’s a massive issue.

(My thoughts: Australia is Satanstralia – Satanism is Hardline Communism – Time to crush it.)”

Please share and let’s raise our voices for our children. They need us.


Watch the interview here or click image to play.

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Jul 19, 2022

have we any sociological analyses? In the 80s when I worked for DCW we had the relative care placement principle for Aboriginal children in South Australia. Was that ever around in NSW? I suspect it has disappeared everywhere, even in training schools, although I am out of touch professionally, since they stole my niece and put her into permanent adoption with strangers.


Until our very last breath Gabbi, Linda and all the gladiators for the children, we will not stop exposing and spreading the information on the atrocities endured by mere children not only here in Australia but Globally. People start connecting the dots...Ask the most important question WHY??? and do your research.

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