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Awareness is the Seed of Change

Hi Warriors for our Children,

I hope you are all well and smiling!

In case you missed it, last week I caught up with Joe Ward and his creation The Fat Earth Podcast, to talk about Pedophiles in Power, the high profile court cases taking place around the world and the suppression of Australia’s NSW police list of 28.

Awareness is the seed of change. Our children need us to BE their voice. Without us they don’t have one.

By shining a light on this evil, by understanding and exposing it, together we push it back

Creating these conversations in our families, our communities and beyond, challenges the silence around the taboo topic of crimes against our children.

Silence only protects the perpetrators. Together we are creating a new culture where children and survivors are heard, protected and supported

Hope you enjoy listening

Together we shine our light and transcend this darkness so all children are loved, protected and safe

Love to you and your most cherished


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Gabriele Gaven
Gabriele Gaven
Oct 11, 2021

inspiring people and great people....I want to thank you...this is what we all have to encourage....Our Children Must be Safe....

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