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All Information Control, is Mind Control

Updated: May 13, 2022

Hi warriors for children,

I have been reflecting on incredible survivor and whistleblower for MK ultra, Cathy O’Brien’s statement, “All information control, is mind control.”

We can see the truth of this all around us and just how intense mass mind control is today.

We know too well, the example of horrific crimes against our children that are continually suppressed from public exposure by the main stream media. Particularly if the abuser is a powerful high profile. The media ensures crimes linkable to organised networks in Australia rarely see the light of day.

By keeping this highly organised, systematic war on our most vulnerable from public focus, the greater public lack any comprehension of the extent of this evil in our communities. And so the highly lucrative and protected enterprise of child trafficking is able to continue through controlled public ignorance.

Who controls the media? Much of the worlds media is intelligence owned, the same groups coordinating and operating international child trafficking. Who trains and writes the manuals for the alphabet agencies? Tavistock military intelligence. The international institution that controls psychological warfare developed and tested during WW1 & 2, on the unsuspecting masses since 1921.

Another tactic of Tavistock’s psychological warfare is fear programming. Keeping the masses in a perpetual state of overwhelm makes them easy to program, control and incapable of breaking the bond to their abuser. While the media is a Tavistock programming tool, their enforcer or abuser is publicly faced as politicians or other public figures speaking to life ever increasing demands aligned with NWO. All for your own safety of course!

How about the safety of Australia’s children? Imagine how quickly our world would change if the media was focused on the numbers of children missing or abused? If instead of distracting fear mongering, a space was created where real awareness and solutions were discussed. We can’t fix something until we accept it is a real problem.

Tavistock knows through decades of research on world populations, controlling the media, controls information which in turn shapes our thoughts, the choices we make and the actions we take. Even what we may initially perceive as our own perspective on closer examination is often coloured by societal norms, conditioning and perceived expectations or behavioural habits. We all at times get ‘Tavistock’d.’

So many around us remain ‘stuck’ in overwhelm, ignorance and disempowerment. It is something that can effect us all to varying degrees and may sneak up as quickly as an unexpected situation, perceived loss or change.

So how do we become ‘unstuck’ and move back into balance and flow.

How do we break down the mass programming and trauma that humanity has endured for lifetimes and take meaningful action?

When we each feel confronted or triggered, essentially feeling fear in some form will almost always engage programming. This is the goal of Tavistock’s psychological warfare, to overwhelm and lead us into victimhood, acting out as an angry abuser or trying to save the world at the expense of healing our own wounds that were essentially revealed. It’s only by having the courage to explore and inspect our beliefs that we gain insight and a choice to keep, give up or upgrade.

This week on Aquarius Rising Solutions we discuss how to break the matrix & deprogram, in particular the rescuer role. There are 3 roles or collective archetypes. These characters are the victim, the abuser & the rescuer. Dissolving these programs begins when we step outside all of these and consciously BE the observer. Click to view here.

We can only give as much as we allow ourselves to receive.

We can only heal others as much as we have healed ourselves.

Our authenticity and truth is always evolving as we are expanding.

Becoming self responsible for the healing we want in our world begins with our own inner healing.

It gives me great hope to see the growing numbers of beautiful souls, courageously healing traumas and taking heart centred action to be a voice for children. So many that have learned about this evil are sharing wisdom with the people around them, creating blogs, books, art, music, flyers, documentaries and bringing to life some incredible solutions to raise awareness.

Together we are breaking the matrix through the power of now.

All creation, all change is from this moment.

As we liberate ourselves, we light the way for the liberation of those around us, our world and most importantly our children

Together we are the change

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